Meet the band


Our Mission

Hollow Age was born on 21 December, 2018 in the backroom of a small house in Wichita, KS.   Though young, the aspirations and potential of this group are insurmountable.  They are here to melt faces, kick ass, and have a whole lot of fun along the way.  Join them on their journey to bring metalcore to a new generation of fans, armed with powerful lyrics, driving drum beats, and tasty guitar riffs.  

Wichita Metalcore band Hollow Age Lead Guitarist Austin Wendler

Lead Guitar

Since Childhood, Austin dreamed of being in a band and in 2011, he found his love for heavy music at a local Wichita show.  Fascinated by the guitar playing and energetic performance, Austin was inspired to pick up his first guitar.  Several years later, his lifelong dream was set in motion through the co-founding of Hollow Age and his continued contributions to the project.  His favorite brands are Schecter, Jackson, and BC Rich.

Gear: BC Rich Mockingbird Pro X customized with Fishman Pickups, Randall Thrasher 120 with matching V30 Randall cabinet

Wichita Metalcore band Hollow Age Rhythm Guitarist Bobby Horn

Rhythm Guitar

Bobby first picked up a guitar at the age of 10 when his older brother taught him legendary riffs like Smoke on the Water and Enter Sandman. He would face an 8 year gap in playing before finally purchasing a knockoff strat from a pawn shop.  Originally driven to use his new found talent to help pick up girls, Bobby continued on out of passion after that pursuit proved fruitless. 12 years and 3 failed bands later, Bobby stumbled upon Hollow Age. He is proud to provide hard hitting rhythm licks for your listening pleasure.
Influences: Bullet for my Valentine, All that Remains, Killswitch Engage, Pantera, and many more

Gear: LTD EC-256 with Fishman modern pickups, Line6 Firehawk, Randall RX120 halfstack

Wichita Metalcore band Hollow Age Vocalist Kameron Boller


Kameron's love of music began in middle school, where he picked up his first instrument, the cello.  He continued his journey with music in the orchestra throughout high school.  Kameron's love of metal music is rooted in his upbringing, where he was introduced to popular thrash metal bands.  His love for metal was compounded when he discovered early on that he could transpose Metallica riffs to the cello.  From there, Kameron was inspired to pick up the bass guitar, and his technical understanding of music and metal grew.  Kameron's vocal talent was discovered by Austin at a local metal karaoke and Kameron agreed to step outside of his comfort zone to fill the role of lead vocalist of Hollow Age.  Though he has always sang for fun, using his voice as his primary instrument presents a new challenge that Kameron is powering through with the raw aggression heard in his performance.  He is excited to grow with Hollow Age and show the world what they can do.


Currently vacant :(

Wichita Metalcore band Hollow Age Drummer Matthew Otte


Inspired by an A7X concert, Matthew immediately went out the following morning to pick up a drumset to practice on.  His return to the instrument, after a decade long hiatus, brought much strife in keeping up with the new band mates he would meet in Hollow Age.  His continuous efforts has helped Hollow Age reach their current heights by delivering a solid foundation of rhythmic and driving beats to build upon. 

Influences: Chris Adler and Jay Weinberg  

Gear: PDP by DW shells, DW hardware, Evans Heads